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About Us

We are a Glasgow based family run company established in 2004

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About Thermaflow Heating Ltd.


Through our many years of experience in installation and manufacturing we have developed renewable energy products which are easy to install, easy to maintain, and achieve unbeatable levels of efficiency.


Whether your project is a straightforward installation or a really challenging one, we have the knowledge and experience to help and guide you through choosing the product you need.


Our current product range includes electric combination boilers and renewable energy systems.

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Electric Boilers

With a 100% efficiency rating, our electric boilers are designed to operate with peak avoidance tariffs. This provides customers with major savings on running costs and energy use, while meeting all of your heating & hot water needs!

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Certified Installers

Customers are always looking for the names of qualified installers to help them specify and fit the right THERMAflow product. So why not register as a THERMAflow installer and benefit your business?

glasgow renewable energy buffer vessel

Buffer Vessels

Leading the way in reducing heating and hot water bills. Linked with an Air Source Heat Pump it will achieve running cost reductions of up to 65% compared to direct electric heating, depending on tariff.