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Thermaflow Ltd has a long record of providing high quality electric combination boilers but as we move towards the future, we have now expanded our range of products which include complete Air Source Heat Pump Systems and Buffer Vessels ready to connect to an Air Source Heat Pump.


Are you are interested in sourcing high quality, efficient & sustainable heating & hot water products at unbeatable prices? Our comprehensive range of high quality, efficient & sustainable heating & hot water solutions more than meet the challenges of the best alternatives & offer exceptional value. Check out our products below & contact us to see how much you could save.


Electric Boilers

Have you ever wondered if there’s an alternative to storage heaters in non-gas areas?

The Answer is a THERMAflow High Efficiency Electric Combination Boiler!

With a 100% efficiency rating, it is designed to operate on all tariffs allowing you to choose the best option available, the highest savings being made when on a tariff that offers reduced rate periods.

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Combination Buffer Vessels

The intelligent way to harness renewable energy

The perfect partner for:
Air Source Heat Pumps | Biomass | Solar Thermal | Solar PV | Wood Boiler Stoves

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Why Choose THERMAflow?


THERMAflow boilers are designed to work on any tariff but if an off peak tariff is available then the THERMAflow will allow you to make the most of the reduced rate periods by having the space to store energy whilst it is being offered at a reduced rate cost. The most efficient way to operate this system is with a smart thermostat which allows great savings on running costs.


All of our THERMAflow models are 100% efficient with the standing heat loss of each model being less than half the permissible allowance under UK Building Regulations for stored hot water.


The THERMAflow boiler will also run up to 40% less than any direct acting electric boiler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size of Thermaflow does my property need?

We recommend that you seek assistance from a local installer in understanding and assessing your precise requirements. If you need help in finding a local installer we may be able to help. Please complete the enquiry form.


The boiler needs to be sized to suit the size of your property. To find the boiler required multiply the total floor area of your property x the ceiling height in metres. This will give the volume in cubic metres.


Take the Length x Breadth x Ceiling Height of each room, then multiply this figure by 60.This will give the output in Watts. Divide this by 1000 which will give the KW. Choose a boiler which has this output.



Which energy tariff is best for my heating system?

Thermaflow recommend using a comparison site to find the cheapest single rate tariff available.

How much will it cost to run?

There are many factors that come in to play when it comes to running costs such as, a user’s lifestyle, property size and insulation, our unpredictable weather and most importantly different electricity tariffs. On an annual basis we carry out surveys on properties with the Thermaflow boiler installed to show an average of how many kWhr’s our product will use when installed in various homes.

Is electric heating efficient?

Yes all of our products are 100% efficient.